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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Sapporo...Chocolate...Japanese Business I come. Watch Out!

So I know that it has been quite some time since I have updated this blog. A lot has happened since my return from Osaka, and by "a lot", I mostly mean "nothing really". I graduated from high school,
moved out,
started working a lot,
thought about college (then couldn't afford it), got fat, and contemplated the meaning of life...except for not really on that last part because what 20 year old cares about that(although I did dye my hair rainbow).
The moral of the story is that I have not been slacking off in my duties to you, my dear readers, I just haven't done anything cool enough to write about. Well, now I am going back to Japan (FINALLY!) and I believe this is cause for Gaijinzilla to get up and going again. This time around I will be living in Sapporo for 3 months and be working with a company called Royce Chocolates. Now, I don't know if any of you have heard of Royce but that chocolate changed my life...
My uncle is the one who first introduced me to Nama Chocolate (and set me up with this sweet deal that is sending me back to Japan) and it was love at first taste. Royce uses only the best ingredients in their chocolate and they create these heavenly confections with the most meticulous care. Nama Chocolate practically melts on your tongue with a symphony of tastes that can only be described as pure joy... But I'm getting distracted (and a little drooly)...what I mean to say, is that I am going to be working for this company and helping them to the best of my capacity as an English speaker and Japanese attempter. I may have been to Japan before but that was high school. This is going to be a completely new (and somewhat terrifying) experience for me. I am determined, however, to finally acheive Japanese fluency (or at least proficiency) and I am going to make sure I tell you all about it along the way. I am going to make sure these blog posts become much more frequent this time around and that they include lots of pictures (because who doesn't like pictures?!). In fact, here's a picture of a unicorn for you! How pretty!
So hopefully you all will join me as of November 19, 2013, for an all American romp around Japan. I think we will have a grand time together playing in Onsens, eating sushi, learning Japanese the hard way (and hoping we didn't offend the person who taught us the difference between "let's meet" and "let's love"), and lots of other adventures along the way!